Puchi Family Owner Name, Members Name, and Family Details

Puchi Family is a famous, and big cat family in Bangladesh. Puchi Family owner name is Tapashi Dash. She maintains the Puchi family very carefully. Now Puchi family has 12 members.

Puchi Family Facebook About: Hi, I’m Puchi. I live in Bangladesh with my big cat family. My “Tapashi” creates funny posts and videos with us. People love those videos and posts. We usually adopt or rescue cats and try to find a safe home for them. Anybody can send mail to tapashi.ch@gmail.com. Also, we remain connected by our Facebook group “Puchi Family Home” and via our Instagram profile (https://www.instagram.com/puchi_family/). Thank you.

Puchi Family Members Name

Some of Puchi Family members name is Puchi, Hamba, Mathin, Fiona, Suji, Pumba, Payesh, Dhola, Mula, and Vutu. Puchi’s family lost a cute member, I also Likes this member. Her name is Mithai.

Puchi Family Owner Name Facebook Page Link: Click Here.

Golu’s Review

Puchi Family Owner Start golu’s review. It is a food review page and youtube channel. You can get coocking video and food review from here.  Golu is a name of  Taposhi’s ealder son name. Golu review all food for this page.

Many people want to know Puchi Family owner name and details. For help them this was writen our writer. Puchi Family has all media, likes Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. There facebook likes: 10 Lakh+, Youtube Subscribes 1 lakh+. 

Perosonaly this post writer like Puchi Family all member, Their all post and video. He is a cat lover. He hope all people like cats very much. Cat is a adorable playfull animal. Puchy Family’s Puchy is a more beautyfull you ever seen.

It is a details information about Puchi Family. To know more about any viral person and people biography, Stay with this website. Thanks for read this article.

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